It is well known, women are hard to understand. They sometimes say strange stuff, they are expressed in coded messages and undertones that one is sometimes at pains to decipher …

  1. Ah not resto tonight! There’s a soccer match on TV!

  2. Did not your friends have to come this evening?

  3. Will have to think of buying beer when we go shopping!

  4. Do not bother with the toilet seat! Leave it up

  5. Valentine’s Day? It’s just a commercial party!

  6. Shoes? No it goes I have enough pairs!

  7. Oh cool is your mother coming tomorrow? Can she teach me how to make the pie? You know what you like!

  1. Do not you think I got a little thin? Go pizza tonight!

  2. Do you want a little p * pe while you’re playing on the computer?

  3. Drop the garbage bag, I’ll take care of it!

  4. Roh but no need to lubricate!

  5. Venice? Mouais … I will go to Monaco for the Grand Prix me

  6. Your ex is passing? Let us invite her to dinner!

  7. Oh no-no no no children yet, let’s wait a little bit!

  8. Marriage? Wait a minute! A good evening between friends and then we know we love each other, right?


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